Passion for Turning Pens

Little Pen Designs

I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Woodworking provides such satisfaction, when you start with an idea and see it come to fruition. As a youth, I would help my father restore old pianos to their original beauty. We would take each piano apart, thoroughly inspect, replace and clean every part. Occasionally, we would need to custom make a part that was not readily available. This created my desire for woodworking. I continued woodworking throughout my adult years as a hobby.

Then in 2014, I watched a video on You Tube of a gentleman turning writing pens on a wood lathe. That is all it took to create the obsession I now have for making custom pens. I took a few classes from the local wood store and I was off and running.

I create custom writing pens in wood, acrylic, resins and some natural materials. I love the idea of taking what appears to be nothing special and turning it into something of beauty. The process I use can be labor intensive, but well worth the effort. The process begins by selecting the material and matching it with complementary components (kits). The material is then cut, drilled, glued and hand turned on the lathe to get the precise shape. Once shaped, the material goes thru a multiple step sanding, finishing and polishing process before final assembly into the components (kits).

In 2019, I began creating bespoke or kitless pens. Unlike component or kit pens, these pens are completely hand made from scratch. For fountain pens every piece is handmade except the feed and metal nib. For rollerball and ballpoint pens every piece is handmade except the ink refill. I cast my own pen blanks using alumilite resins and mica powder dyes to create unique, one of a kind, vibrant colors for my pens.

I hope you enjoy my pens as much as I enjoy creating them.
I take great pride in my work and guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Thank you for your business, it is greatly appreciated!

Joe Little – Owner of Little Pen Designs

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